APFCB Executive Board

The President shall act as Chairman at all Executive Board and Council Meetings. He/She or a designate shall represent the Federation in its dealings with outside organisations.


Dr. Tony Badrick


Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University for 4 years before becoming the CEO of the RCPAQAP

Dr. Endang Hoyaranda

Past President

Prodia Group, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr. Samuel Vasikaran

Vice President

Consultant Chemical Pathologist at PathWest –Laboratory Medicine, Western Australia.

Prof. Praveen Sharma


Former Professor and Head, Dean Research Biochemistry at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur.
Editor-in-chief, Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

Dr. Raja Elina Raja Aziddin


Senior Biochemist and Head of the Drug and Research Laboratory in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Douglas W. Chung

Corporate Representative

Area Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, Core Diagnostics at Abbott Laboratories.

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