Way Forward

APFCB Strategic Plan 2023-2024

The Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB) is a scientific, non-political organization promoting clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine in the Asia-Pacific Region.


The APFCB will

  1. collaborate with other international organizations,
  2. support its members through scientific and educational endeavours, and
  3. provide a series of congresses, conferences, and focused meetings for laboratory medicine specialists to meet and present original findings and best practice.


  • Through leadership and innovation in science and education, we will strive to enhance the scientific level and the quality of diagnosis and therapy for patients throughout the Region.
  • We will build on the professionalism of our members to improve the quality of diagnostic provided services to patients.
  • We will aim to communicate effectively with our members, other healthcare providers, governments, and the public to improve the understanding of the role of diagnostic laboratories in healthcare.
  • We will focus on facilitating communication between our members.
  • We will communicate effectively through a variety of electronic media.
  • We will hold outstanding congresses and conferences to bring the efforts of APFCB to the global community
  • We will hold outstanding congresses and conferences to bring the efforts of APFCB to the global community
  • We will foster Regionally focused research in Clinical Biochemistry.
  • We will support the ongoing development of young diagnostic scientists in the Region

Executive Board

  1. To promote the APFCB and its activities within the Membership. Aim to have APFCB auspices used at all Member National Meetings.
  2. The Board will provide prudent financial management and increase the financial assets of the APFCB.
  3. Increase the value for APFCB Corporate members. To increase engagement and sustain existing Corporate Membership and attract new members.
  4. To establish closer, mutually beneficial relationships with other regional and international federations of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine
  5. The Clinical Biochemist Reviews is the Official Journal of APFCB. Engage with AACB to expand regional content and access to this Journal.
  6. Ensure the Constitution and Rule book are current and reflect the goals of the APFCB.
  7. Create and manage a secretariat to support the EB and Chairs
  8. Maintain regular contact with Council and the Chairs – six monthly for Council
  9. Develop a funding reserve to ensure the viability of the APFCB
  10. To increase the profile of APFCB internationally by
    1. supporting workshops and symposia at regional and international meetings such as EFLM, AACC, IFCC WorldLab and WASPaLM World Congress
    2. encouraging and supporting high-quality regional research projects and their publication in scientific journals,

Education (C-Ed)

  1. To increase educational activities for member societies
    1. Coordinate the APFCB Travelling Lectureship
    2. Run Webinars with Corporate members
    3. Chem Path Course for members
  1. Update information on the website regularly
  2. To organize symposia at APFCB congresses and scientific meetings of regional federations of clinical biochemistry, e.g. EFLM, IFCC WorldLab, etc.

Environment & Laboratory Management Committee (C-ELM)

  1. Raise awareness in the Region about environmental issues
  2. Run webinars and meetings on Quality control, QA and Lab accreditation workshops
  3. Workflow, process improvement, budgetary, informatics and digital transformation, general lab management knowledge & skills etc.
  4. Update information on the website regularly

Scientific Committee (C-Sci)

  1. Continue with current research projects
  2. To have one new regional project each year.
  3. To publish these APFCB regional projects in peer-reviewed scientific journals (CBR)
  4. Seek funding from corporate member for regional research projects
  5. The Chair of the Scientific Committee will continue to play an active role in the development/ planning of the Scientific Program of APFCB congress as Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee of the APFCB Congress
  6. To upload relevant scientific material on the APFCB website

Communications & Publications Committee (C-CP)

  1. To maintain and further enhance the APFCB website
  2. To ensure that the information on the website is relevant and up to date
  3. To promote the APFCB, its activities and its congresses and other relevant national, regional and international meetings
  4. The Chair will continue as Editor of the APFCB e-News
  5. To help upload learning materials developed by APFCB members and

Congresses & Conferences Committee (C-CC)

  1. To oversee the planning of APFCB congresses
  2. To oversee specialty regional meetings. The aim is to have one meeting a year except in the year of the APFCB congress
  3. To consider applications for APFCB auspices for national, regional, and international meetings
  4. To update information on the website regularly
  5. Ensuring ethical and compliance guidelines are followed for Ordinary and Corporate Members

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