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Mastering Pre-Analytical Factors in Laboratory Testing.

Date : 20th of March 2024
Time: 2.30 PM - 4.00 PM (UTC +8) [Kuala Lumpur Time]
Platform: Microsoft team.

IFCC Webinar

Expanding the use of emerging technologies in pediatrics

Pediatrics is an area where emerging technologies have been implemented successfully to address the needs of this specific population. The IFCC Emerging Technologies Division has recently defined an emerging technology as “an analytical method or device that by virtue of its stage of development, translation into broad routine clinical practice, or geographical adoption and implementation has the potential to add value to clinical practice.”

Adaptive Learning Courses in Laboratory Medicine Are Now Available without A Subscription Fee!

Nader Rifai

In order to increase utility and eliminate financial barriers, AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on NEJM Knowledge+ program is now available without a subscription fee for individual users (previously $89/year). This cloud-based program consists of over 100 courses, covering topics span across all disciplines of laboratory medicine ( The courses are based on the concept of adaptive learning, the closest to personalized education.

Adaptive learning is an ingenious way to communicate information. Through sophisticated computer algorithms, the platform interacts with the learner and identifies the areas in which they are not proficient. It then provides targeted learning materials to remedy the deficiency, thus enabling efficient learning in small blocks of time. The program can be accessed via mobile devices for added flexibility.

Over 125 leading clinical laboratory scientists and physicians from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Singapore have built these courses. Each course consists of ~100 granular learning objectives; every learning objective is coupled with one to two probes and a learning resource. The probes are the actual questions and can be presented in one of nine different formats that meant to be engaging and interesting to the learner. Each course goes through a rigorous internal and external review process followed by a beta testing evaluation. Over 250 laboratory medicine professionals have participated in reviewing and performing the beta testing evaluation of these courses.

This program has been designed for laboratory medicine professionals in hospital laboratories, commercial laboratories and the in vitro diagnostics industry to help them to assess their knowledge, remain abreast with current knowledge, and prepare for certification exams.

This ambitious program is a collaborative effort between NEJM Group, the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, AACC, the publisher of Clinical Chemistry, and Area9 Lyceum, a global leader in education technology. We sincerely hope that laboratory medicine professionals worldwide, regardless of their financial abilities, can now take advantage of this opportunity and join the other ~8000 users of this program.

Collaborative Report :

AACC Learning Lab is a collaborative effort between NEJM Group, the most trusted and respected name in medical science, AACC, a recognized leader in laboratory medicine, and Area9, a global leader in education technology.

Adaptive Learning :

AACC Learning Lab utilizes adaptive learning. Through a series of questions while timing the learner and asking about the level of confidence in the answer, sophisticated algorithms identify the areas in which the learner is not proficient and provide targeted learning materials.

Micro Learning :

AACC Learning Lab enables learning in small blocks of time since most professionals are not always able to find the time needed to read long review articles..

Mobile :

AACC Learning Lab enables learning wherever you are as the program can be accessed on mobile devices.

Peer Comparison :

AACC Learning Lab allows the learners to monitor their progress and provide comparison to peer groups.

Lifelong Learning :

AACC Learning Lab is a life-long learning companion.

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