Terms of Reference of Congresses and Conferences Committee

The Committee, known as the Congresses and Conferences Committee, shall be a Standing Committee of the Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB) and responsible to the Federation’s Council.

1. Membership

  1. The Committee shall consist of a Chair and Members appointed by the Executive Board.
  2. The Chair of the C-CC (or a full member as his/her nominee) shall attend meetings of the Council.
  3. The President of the Federation (or his/her nominee from the Council) and the Chairs of the other Standing Committees shall be ex-officio members and shall attend meetings of the Committee.
  4. The C-CC shall have at least 1 Corporate Member on the Committee

2. Duties

  1. To oversee the planning of APFCB congresses
  2. To oversee specialty regional meetings. The aim is to have one meeting a year except in the year of the APFCB congress
  3. To consider applications for APFCB auspices for national, regional, and international meetings
  4. To liaise with C-CP to promote events held under APFCB auspices to maximise value
  5. To update information on the website regularly
  6. Ensuring ethical and compliance guidelines are followed for Ordinary and Corporate Members in congresses and conferences
  7. Together with the APFCB President, conduct a site visit to the APFCB Congress venue and to discuss with the Congress Organising Committee on congress preparations one year before the congress.

3. Expenses

  1. The Chair of the C-CC shall submit an annual budget to Council for approval.
  2. Depending on the financial situation of the Federation, the budget will allow for the following items:

    • Travelling expenses necessarily incurred by full members of the Committee for travel undertaken on Committee business.
    • Expenses associated with the activities of the Committee members’ expenses
    • Additional Committee costs such as secretarial assistance, postage, stationary, etc.
  3. Members of the Committee should be encouraged to obtain travelling expenses from outside sources wherever possible; however, sponsorship by industry should be made known to Council for record purposes.

4. Minutes and Reports

  1. Copies of the Minutes of Committee Meetings should be sent to the Executive Board.
  2. A report of the activities of the Committee will be made by its Chair to Council prior to each Council Meeting in time for circulation to Council members with the Agenda.

5. Responsibilities of C-CC Chair

  • has the task of overall planning and guidance of the activities of the Committee;
  • prepares the annual plan and sets targets and deliverables for the C-CC;
  • prepares an annual report to be circulated to the Executive Board;
  • is responsible to Council for such activities;
  • represents the Federation on C-CC Committee of other bodies requesting such representation;
  • sets the terms of reference for Committee members for approval by the Executive Board.

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